The best way how to show you the skills is to show you all my video mixes which define skills and presenting experiences. All of them is performed live with no edits.

Let’s start from scratch. The year 2014 was a first-year I decided to release the first video mix. Funny is, I tried to do it bit different – in that case was an idea to create a video mix from the view of DJ. I never saw POV set until now. The finishing touch was a place – the whole thing was recorded at my favourite club – Roxy Prague.

Because of great feedback for my POV video mix. I’ve decided to do a more professional and visually attractive promo, it all was made for 2015. It all ended with great cooperation with storm club, DNB portal and my good friend Jirka who did a great work to capture and cut whole „movie“ I did a bit of intro and FX stuff. From my point of view, this work was a highlight of my career. Enjoy :).

After a while where I tried to find myself me and my good friend DJ Volume Plus decided to do a B2B set on mighty Let It roll Festival. It was the year 2016 and you can find video bellow. Funny story about that is, I do artist management in case of transports and someone took my backpack with whole my music from backstage, in the end, it was a great freestyle and showcase of us as a duo.

It was the year 2017 and my friends, promoters of TETRIS event, invited me there. It wishes a classy dungeon hell party with the huge mood on the dancefloor and I enjoy that a LOT. This parties always make me so happy. This night doesn’t end for me well. Alcohol is pure evil. Big up for dnbportal for cut and release it!

In the year 2018, i did not do a video mix, I did only music mix with FX. The reason is simple, because of lots of DJs did that, I passed to do it again and more thought about doing it differently, as I like it – do new, exciting stuff.

After a long time, I finally finish my school and became a master engineer of energetics (YEEEAH!!) I did my last thing. And it was my own set in beautiful MADHOUSE stage at LET IT ROLL festival. I wasn’t ended as I planned, but to be real, it’s always a nice to show we are humans.

Thanks for reading guys! If any, contact me 🙂